Making the Most of the Festive Job Hunt

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If you were thinking about spending some of your spare time over the Christmas holidays looking for a job, but were concerned that most hiring managers will be drinking Pina Colada’s on the beach rather than reading your job application, you were right to be concerned.

But fear not, there is plenty you can do to help your job search over the shut down.

  1. Reflect and Reset

Use the downtime during the holidays to reflect on your career goals, strengths, and areas for development. Consider what you’ve learned from past applications and interviews, and use this insight to refine your approach for the upcoming year.

  1. Research Target Organisations

The holidays are an excellent time to delve into researching potential employers. Explore companies of interest, understand their culture, values, and recent developments. Use this information to tailor your applications and demonstrate genuine interest in their organisation.

  1. LinkedIn Networking

Leverage the power of LinkedIn by connecting with professionals in your field. Personalise your invitations, expressing your interest in their work or the company they represent. Engage in meaningful conversations to expand your network. During the holidays, some professionals are open to connecting whilst on holidays….but don’t expect too much engagement from most people until they return from leave.

  1. Resume Refinement

Update your resume with recent achievements, skills, and experiences. I recommend you create several versions of your resume which highlight your skills and qualifications most relevant for the different types of roles you’re pursuing. Ensure it’s not just a list of responsibilities but a showcase of your impact and accomplishments. Consider seeking feedback from mentors or professional contacts for further refinement.

  1. Crafting Diverse Cover Letters

Create a range of cover letter templates that can be adapted for different job applications. Customising a letter to reflect your understanding of the company and the specific role will help your chance of securing an interview. And, having templates ready will ensure your application is received quickly whilst still being personalised.

  1. Do Job Boards work over the holidays?

For most of the roles advertised, the advertiser is watching the cricket and will review the applications on their return. So whilst it’s great to apply for jobs, keep your expectations low that you will receive responses before the second week of January.

  1. Maintaining a Positive Mindset

Job hunting during the holidays can be challenging, but maintaining a positive outlook is crucial. Celebrate small victories, such as successful networking conversations or a refined resume. Stay resilient and confident in your abilities; the right opportunity will come at the right time.

  1. Put your feet up!!!!

Whilst there is some work you can do that will help you prepare for the resumption of hiring, the chances of you securing a role over the holidays are pretty low.

So join the rest of the world, take a break, go for a bush walk, go to the beach, catch up with friends and family, use it as an opportunity to gain or lose a bit of weight 😊 and re-charge the batteries. You may well meet someone who can help you in your job search. And when you secure your first interview in January and the interviewer opens the questioning with, ‘So, what did you do over Christmas?’, you will have a terrific answer.