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Balance Recruitment is a leading IT and Executive talent specialist with offices in Sydney and Wollongong. Our goal is to help businesses achieve extraordinary outcomes by introducing them to exceptional talent.

Simple as that.



Delighted businesses and job seekers who return to Balance time and again.  For businesses, this means handing them a short list of candidates with perfectly suited technical skills and cultural fit. For job seekers, this means truly listening to their needs and hunting down the right role for their career and life objectives. Take a read of our testimonials and find out for yourself how we help our customers, candidates and contractors.

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Paul Foster

Managing Director

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Simon Hogg

Managing Director

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Silvia Williams

Principal Consultant

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Marilyn Lennon

Principal Consultant

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Bob Wallace

Technical Recruitment Consultant

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Jin Low

Resource Manager

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Natasha Foster

Operations Manager

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Rebecca Hannington

Consulting Financial Controller

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Andrea McKay

Accounts and Admin Manager

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Chiara Vicencio

Operations and Marketing Assistant

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Daniella Skouras

Resourcing Specialist

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At Balance, we’re in the business of people. So the way we interact with people is the measure of our success, more so than the numbers on our books. Our Mission and Vision genuinely reflect who we are and where we want to be. It’s very easy to write words that sound good, but it’s much harder to actually live by them. We believe in our Mission, we aspire to fulfil our Vision; and our values guide our work each and every day. Take a read, and let us know how we are doing.

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Embrace Diversity

All people, all walks of life. Discrimination stops here!


Love It!

Live your passion. Find joy in your work.



Life is precious. Make time for the good stuff.


Make It Easy

Communicate honestly, keep it simple and deliver.


Do It Right

We don’t take shortcuts. We hold ourselves accountable and ask the same from others.

Living diversity

The diversity of Balance’s workplace and our open approach to recruitment stand us apart. We value work environments that are respectful, welcoming and inclusive, and we seek them out for all our people.

“I applied for a job that Balance advertised on I had a good interview but didn’t get the role. I knew the Balance team liked me. When I told them about my disability, they were open about helping me. I have cerebral palsy – I walk funny and I can’t do any heavy lifting. These are my limitations but everything else I can do. Balance took all of that into consideration when discussing my needs with potential employers. Twice I’ve found work with Balance.” Borhan

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corporate responsibility

Safe & respectful

At Balance we believe that through corporate responsibility we build better relationships with everyone who deals with us. It protects our customers, employees and contractors, reduces risks to our business, enhances our reputation, and drives efficiency through better use of resources.

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    work for balance

    One of our values is Love it! And we love recruitment… most days. It’s great to be surrounded by people who find joy in their work. If you’re an upbeat and enthusiastic character who oozes positive energy, you’ll fit right in.

    We’re a team….a real one.  We know that the sum of our parts is greater than our individual contributions. We believe that by effectively collaborating with each other, we enable customers and candidates better outcomes. Individual success is great, but being part of a successful team and enjoying the success of everyone is better.