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Why choose Balance?

Balance Recruitment believes our business is about balancing the needs of the clients, contractors, candidates, and staff to create great outcomes for everyone.

Balance Recruitment has developed a flexible recruitment methodology that we tailor to each individual assignment. We work with our customer to design the process ensuring that candidates are thoroughly assessed against each position’s unique requirements. Our process can include independent technical testing and psychometric assessments.

Balance Recruitment enjoys rich networks with a multi-channel candidate-sourcing capability, enabling us to reach candidates locally, nationally and internationally. Our consultants have an average of 20 years of recruitment experience, so our networks produce a consistent flow of high skilled individuals who are often not active in the job market.

Combining our networks with our methodology has produced outstanding results for our customers for more than a decade. We have dozens of reference sites, feel free to touch base and learn more about the outcomes we’ve achieved for our customers.