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what’s the measure of our success?

Who is Balance Recruitment?

We are experienced IT and Executive recruiters whose outstanding team performs two roles:

  • introduces businesses to talent who enhance their team and business,
  • helps job seekers find roles that develop their technical skills and make a positive difference to their lives.


Which roles do we cover?

In the IT sphere we cover all technical, functional, digital and sales roles. In the executive recruitment domain we cover all roles in IT, Digital, Sales, Procurement and HR. Balance fills permanent, contract and fixed-term positions.


How long have we been in the game?

Our collective team boasts 200+ years of experience, with an average of 20 years per consultant. Our team members pride themselves on the breadth and depth of their networks and use them to the advantage of our clients every single day.


How does Balance work with you?

We champion best practice recruitment. We ask questions. We listen. We deep-dive into our networks. We work quickly. We place people in jobs they love. We keep our work at a sustainable level so we can build deep relationships with all our stakeholders and ensure we truly understand their needs.


So what’s the measure of our success?

Delighted businesses and job seekers who return to Balance time and again.

For businesses, this means handing them a short list of candidates with perfectly suited technical skills and cultural fit. For job seekers, this means truly listening to their needs and hunting down the right role for their career and life objectives. Take a read of our testimonials and find out for yourself how we help our customers, candidates and contractors.