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Industry Insights

Do you need to benchmark your existing team?  Perhaps set your budget to ensure you attract the people you need, or understand your current market worth?  Then you need our Salary Snapshot. It will provide the insights you need into current market rates for a range of IT, Digital and Executive roles.  Find it here.

NSW Govt & the tech talent war

The NSW Government is undertaking some exciting and cutting-edge projects – but needs a more effective strategy on how to attract talent into their organisations. This needs to begin with gaining insight into what attracts the brightest tech talent and understanding how the NSW Government meets that need.

If you would like a copy of the Whitepaper: Why the NSW Government is losing the Tech Talent War and how they can win, or to talk with us about the challenges faced by the NSW Government please contact Roger Brant on 9091 8210.


Scaling your fintech is exhilarating… but also incredibly challenging.

Not hiring the right people to support your growth can leave you overstretched, under-resourced, and will hurt your growth trajectory. On the flip side, hiring too early can hurt cash flow, your runway, cash burn rate, and may prevent you from acquiring the superstar you really need down the track.  However, when young businesses get their hiring right, they flourish.   Find out more in our Whitepaper Scaling your Fintech.

If you would like to talk more about this topic, please call Paul any time on 9091 8202.



Balance was approached by an ASX 100 organisation to source a new Executive leadership team.

The CEO, a board member and Head of Talent briefed us. Following a series of acquisitions, they had a series disparate technology groups. A new leadership team would create and execute a technology strategy that aligned with the broader group’s goals allowing them to realise the synergies associated with the acquisitions.

We were tasked with recruiting 6 roles including a CTO, Head of Transformation, PMO Manager, Program Manager (x2) and General Manager – Technology and Planning. Combined they controlled budgets of approximately $100M.

To ensure consistency of process we designed and developed specific selection criteria and interview guides. This allowed us to assess existing employees who were looking to step up, along side external candidates.

As a result, all 6 roles were sourced, offers negotiated and positions accepted in a 6-week period, which delighted our customer and new employees alike.