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Living Diversity

What is Balance’s diversity vision?

The diversity of Balance’s workplace and our open approach to recruitment stand us apart. We value work environments that are respectful, welcoming and inclusive, and we seek them out for all our people.  We believe great minds, skills and work ethic are uncovered in candidates from every nation and every walk of life. An applicant’s life story or background never hinders the recruitment process; rather, we celebrate these differences, highlighting the unique proposition each person represents for employers.

Where’s the Proof?

Drop into Balance’s workplace – we exclude no-one. Our consultants, candidates and contractors hail from varying ethnicities, religions, ages, sexualities and genders, as well as different socio-economic positions and abilities; and bring with them a deep well of experience from their communities. Our clients are the beneficiaries of these diverse backgrounds.

In 2015, Balance collaborated on the publication of an article for The International Journal of Human Resource Management. Entitled “Fitting the mould: the role of employer perceptions in immigrant recruitment decision-making”, this article is an enlightening read. Balance’s involvement illustrates our ongoing commitment to better represent the communities we’re part of and to break down barriers that have historically held back candidates from reaching their potential.

“Australia is a nation of immigrants. We’ve been lucky to have had a rich influx of highly skilled immigrants into our country who have created the nation we love today. Sadly, Australia also has a history of racism and whilst the amount of racism/discrimination has decreased over the years, it’s still prevalent today and we see it expressed overtly in the recruitment market. We believe every candidate should be judged on his or her merits and abilities.

“Balance commits itself to always presenting the best candidate for any role, regardless of where they were born. Balance will remain proudly defiant in the face of those who seek to discriminate. Racism and discrimination stops here!”
Simon Hogg, Managing Director, Balance Recruitment.

Have a read of Balance Recruitment’s Diversity Policy in more detail here.